Rashana was looking thoughtful, as we walked toward the Yardsale, as though she was contemplating many things. We walked past the stage set of “Tera,” the new book I was writing about the shadow side of a wounded child and she said that though she wasn’t thrilled about putting dark images out into the world (even to mirror darkness) she would be willing to help with the magical character of Lily in the beautiful nature scenes. Eva, the High Healer from Ray 10 of the Core Group would help with the rest. She’s the High Spirit who handles the “Gifted but Difficult” souls.

Rashana and I then waited for the Unicorn, Hi Lite , (like waiting at a bus station) and when he pulled up, Rashana raised her wand and pointed to his large swirling horn. It was luminescent, changing colors from pink, to turquoise, to shining white….Rashana seemed proud she’d been able to teach him that.

We hopped on his back and he flew through the clouds, past the special cloud where Greggy, my grandson who died several years before, was dressed in a golden outfit with his arm extended pointing toward the horizon.

“Like Christopher Columbus,” Greggy said. “I brought you to a whole new world…” “And my brother,” he explained, “brought a whole new world to you.” My daughter and son in law had adopted a baby boy from Romania. And without a doubt, both those boys brought us very new experiences!

After we rode through the heavens for what seemed like a very long time, we arrived at the University of Higher Thought. Rashana unlocked the main gate with her crystal key and we walked up a long flight of stairs.

Finally we arrived at the Center of Creative Communication.

In the lab, we sat on a bench next to each other in front of the Computer of the Grand Design but I couldn’t decide what to type in, what to ask for, what to write about etc.

I’m the one who does the typing always, she sits alongside and helps me out with the programming. After I sat for several more minutes struggling to write something, Rashana looked at me probingly. Then, with a look of impatience, she called in Eva.

Eva looks likes more like a goddess than an angel. More like Venus than Gabriel. She’s slender and wears long flowing gowns of chiffon-like material, in either white or blue….

So Rashana asked Eva if we could go into the Angel Council for a conference….

The door to the Angel Council is very thick but it opens with the slightest thought. We walked in.

All the Archangels were sitting around in a circle, with rows and rows of angels, like a choir, behind them.

“Anyone have a spare minute?” Eva called out gently.

One large angel, with long white hair and a masculine, musical voice said, smiling “We can always make time….”

Rashana and I stood Center Stage in the middle of the Council and waited for the bright pink spotlights to shine upon us.

Then Rashana bent down and tied my shoe laces. When she stood up, she whispered, “Tie mine…”

As I kneeled down, I asked, “Why are we doing this?”

Rashana said, “In your world it seems to be a big concern when someone says, ‘You can’t even tie your own shoelaces.’ But the truth is, you don’t ever have to..there’s always someone to help…”

Rashana, dressed in a white and gold robe addressed the Council, “I have so many bursts of Creativity lately, I can’t decide what to do….and then after I spurt one and then another creation, I run out of steam.” She looked sideways and added softly, “She’s no help really…”

There was some whispering, the sound of concert music, and one of the Big Angels said to Eva, “We can offer more energy….”

Then Eva looked at me, “What is it you would like to do? More than anything else in the world?”

I shook my head “I don’t know,” I said. Rashana shrugged her shoulders with despair.

Eva said, “Free choice and free will gives you, Carol, as the soul, the responsibility to shape the way Rashana can work in the world. In the business of your world, one would say, it’s a distribution issue, a promotion issue, a packaging and marketing issue.”

“I don’t understand,” I said.

Rashana leaned over and whispered in my ear, “It’s like a sculptor who has great talent and all the clay, but can’t decide what form she’d like to shape it into….”

“Oh,” I said, “I want to do so much….”

They showed me an Angel then, a huge bigger than the World Angel, and the Chief Angel told me that any angel can be All because angel nature is not separate. So any of our angels are all angels and have the beauty and splendor and strength of All around each to protect and guide. The forces of Truth can lead to a hopeful tomorrow .

She was standing behind Rashana and me, her wings wrapped around us in love and protection.

Eva said then, “Go and find what you wish, and return with your request.”

Rashana thanked everyone, and so did I, but when we left, I was still puzzled. What was it that was missing in my life? What is it that I truly want?

“Got any clues?” I asked Rashana.

“Haven’t got a clue in the world,” she said smiling…”Now…. on the other realms….”

“Forget it,” I said to her a little too harshly. “I have to figure out what I want to do on earth, not anywhere else….”