by Carol Gino


Once upon a time in a far away land of Nor there lived a Princess called Olivia. She was tall and blond with dark olive skin and seafoam green eyes. Everyone who ever saw her thought she was very beautiful. But still, Olivia wasn’t happy. Her heart was empty and she felt lonely. Even though she lived in a wonderful pink castle on the very top of the hill overlooking the lushest green valley on the Planet of Vor.

castle of NorEach day she woke early and climbed the stairs to the turret of her tower to greet the dawn. She looked out over the valley of purple awareness and watched the many living creatures as they awoke under the bright yellow sun of compassion. There were small blue birds, and tall green dragons and all manner of lovely woodland creatures. Crystal clear water sprang from the luminescent Fountain of Forgiveness and reached toward the bright blue sky.

Olivia stared longingly, wondering at their joy, as she stood on her balcony and peacefully drank her orange tea.

Then one day, as she stood there, staring far into the distance toward the rich brown woods, she saw a familiar figure emerge. She knew it was the young handsome Blain. He was riding his unicycle as he did all day, most days, while he sang through the valley….

I am who I am

and I love who I am

I am who I am

For love

What a great day!

What a great day!

Olivia knew the words to the song. Each day for years, she had watched as Blain played in the valley before her eyes. Because Olivia had no voice, could speak no words, it was only when Blain came into the valley that she was glad to be alive. The words of Blain’s song touched Olivia’s heart, filled it with joy and made it sing.

All day Olivia sat and watched him. Finally, after hours had passed, the red sun of Protection – not fully formed – began to set. Then suddenly, with a loud stormy roar, the sky opened and the darkness of night began to fall before its time. Olivia saw the Dread Sorceress, Valana, appear from the darkness over the Mountain of Greed. Her long black hair blew in the fierce wind and the fire of anger and hate flew in darkened clouds from her dark blue lips. As soon as her foot touched down into the valley, every living creature scattered into the woods. Except for the handsome young Blain still riding his unicycle.

Olivia stood on her toes and positioned herself for visioning. She felt helpless not being able to warn Blain of Valana’s approach. As the sky darkened, Blain stopped his singing and looked toward the Mountain of Greed.

Blain the UnicyclistWhen he saw Valana, he smiled, as he did at all creatures who walked the planet of Vor in the land of Nor. Valana did not smile back. Instead, she lifted the arm of her pitch black gown and pointed one of her long seeing fingers at Blain. “I am the Great Sorceress of the Mountain,” she said in a voice which made the heavens shake and the earth quake. “I am four and twenty years and it is time for me to take a husband.” She smiled at him now, her white teeth flashing and said. “You shall be that husband. For I demand it. We will live together on the Mountain of Greed where anything you wish for shall be yours.” Valana lowered her arm to her side and waited.

Blain removed his green Hat of Healing and held it over his heart. “May I sing my songs of Love on your mountain?” he asked simply.

The Sorceress Valana made a low throaty sound. “You may not,” she growled. “For the sound of Love will destroy my mountain.” Valana turned now toward the turret where Olivia stood. She saw Olivia watching her silently.

Blain spoke, “I will not, I can not, live in a castle on a mountain without Love. So my fair sorceress, I may not accept your offer. I must say no.” Blain put his cap back on his head and began to mount his unicycle again.

Valana was furious. Her whole body began to rise again into the dark of night as she shouted, “You have ruined my happiness. You have doomed me, and so I will doom you. For once a sorceress chooses a mate and he refuses, she is forced to live alone forever.”

Blain looked sad but determined. “I’m sorry I cannot accept.” he said again.

Valana’s bitter laughter quaked the earth below her when she said, “If that be the case, my dear little Blain, then you too shall be cursed. You too will live your life alone.” And with a fierce and fearful blink of her black eyes, Valana cast a spell upon Blain which would last for eternity. Then she disappeared back into her mountain.

As Olivia watched, with a broken heart, Blain disappeared. And in his place there now stood one small white Unicorn. It was a beautiful Unicorn, to be sure, with the Golden Horn of Divine Knowledge sprouting from his forehead….but still, a Unicorn not the beloved Blain.

Olivia knew that all the other Unicorns had disappeared during the last Magical Purge. This small white Unicorn would be the one single Unicorn left in the whole universe. A tear ran down Olivia’s cheek. Now, as the stars appeared in the clear night sky, Olivia wondered how she could help Blain, this man of Joy and Light to return to his natural state of song and Love.

That night as Olivia lay in her golden bed, under her cream brocade comforter, she dreamed….

In her dream she was standing before the Great Magician, Savator, the night father of Valana. Savator was the Greatest of Socerers. He spoke these words to Olivia. “If you wish to break this evil spell, you must destroy the source of Evil. Take this Golden Sword and when Valana comes for you, which she will, you must pierce her greedy heart.” Savator then disappeared in a cloud of smoke without another word.

When Olivia awoke, she was upset. Alongside her bed stood the Golden sword with three rubies on the handle. She had never harmed anyone since her own beginnings. How could she do so now? Could this be the only way to save the gentle Blain?

She slipped out of bed and walked to her balcony. With sadness she looked toward the valley. And this time she heard the song of her heart…

I am who I am

I love who I am

I am who I am

For Love

What a great day!

What a great day!

That day and the following one passed peacefully with no sign of Valana or the Mountain of Greed. Olivia just stood for hours looking out at the valley of purple awareness as she had always done, but without Blain, it was still and empty. It was no longer as beautiful, it was no longer the land she loved so much.

That night, soon after she laid her head down on her satin pillow, Olivia heard her name being called. It seemed to be coming from the turret above. She rose from her bed and reached for the Golden Sword with the three rubied handle. Then she slowly began to climb the cold marble steps of Growth.

At the top of the first staircase, she reached the closed door of Allowance. She quickly opened it. But she saw nothing. So she continued to walk up the next flight of stairs until she reached the second door. The door of Acceptance. As she reached for the handle, the door was quickly blown open and before her stood the tall frightful sight of Valana. Thunder sounded and Lightning cracked through the night which was blacker than black.

Olivia could not see, but in her hand she felt the cool handle of the Golden Sword. Trust guided her hand, and she swung her sword, first straight up and down, then left to right carving a perfect cross in the air before the evil creature Valana. But without warning, as though guided by a force of its own, the sword suddenly turned on Olivia. And it thrust itself deeply into her chest, piercing her own pure heart. Olivia tried to pull it out, she tried with all her might, but the harder she pulled, the deeper it went.

When the soft sound of her cries reached the handle of her sword, the rubies began to radiate with the warm red light of Divine Protection. A light so very bright that it blinded Valana and forced her to cover her eyes.

“Oh Goddess of Love,” Olivia began to pray. “Please help me in whatever way is of the highest good.”

As though by magic, the sword suddenly began to dance from her heart. She watched, as suspended in air, held by a hand other than her own, the Golden Sword aimed directly at her forehead. When it touched, she hardly felt it. Yet in her heart, she knew something wonderful had happened.

Olivia and BlainOlivia was filled with happiness as the yellow sun of understanding began to dawn again in the purple valley of awareness. Across from her stood the small while unicorn who she knew to be Blain, and in the reflection of his eyes, she could see herself now. A beautiful Unicorn too. He began to run toward her, joy in white filaments flying from his shining coat. When he reached her, he lowered his head and placed a golden braid upon her horn. And from then on they played and danced in the lush green valley, had a family, and lived happily forever after. Because Unicorns are immortal.

And that is how Good came from Evil and the Unicorns returned to the Land of Nor.