Hi! this is Carol Gino and today I want to talk to you about the shift in the world that we’re experiencing and the ways you can create a better life in this New Time.

But of course I’m not doing this alone. I have a Spirit, a Higher Self, a Spirit of Joy and Creativity named Rashana –who acts as an inter-dimensional tour guide– She explains it all to me (and to you) in my “Straight Talk from Spirit” series of stories.

I like to think of her as an Angel, but her talks are anything but woo woo or “airy fairy”…

She helps me to reframe old stories and beliefs which gives me more freedom, less fear, and more choices to be all I can be. She assures me they can do the same for you.

Science has now acknowledged that we live in a Quantum Universe. Everything, including you and me, is energy. Even the smallest particles of energy have Consciousness and Intention. I know – it’s hard to believe we’re just a sack of atoms but that’s about it…. Most all anyone sees are the physical aspects of who we are.

What drives those atoms is Consciousness.  The “I” that has come from the One-Source into physical form in order to help create a whole new world.

“HOW can we do that?” you ask?

Certainly not by thought or action alone. It takes Consciousness to evoke the IMAGES (Imagination) that the soul responds to, Emotions that our heart responds to, and Hope to invite new possibilities, which motivates us to create a better future for all of us.

So, come join me and Rashana…let’s do some serious play! 🙂