I am Rashana, a Spirit of joy and creativity… I offer you my Cosmic Vibrational Tuning Tales (CVT) because they can help fertilize most gardens with Truth.

CVT are stories that accelerate your vibration in order to accelerate Evolution.  *Just by reading them*, they raise your vibration by awakening your imagination in powerful, new ways. CVT stories help you to imagine, learn and grow. They tickle your brain and make your soul laugh. They help awaken you to the deep-seeded beliefs and stories that have been keeping you from living your life fully, and without any conscious effort on your part, they give you ideas that help you grow your today into the new tomorrow.

I have hidden higher vibrational frequencies in these stories and I ask you to open your mind and heart to a playful, new experience.

I wish you all love and joy. Come play with me and let us create the lovingest garden in the New World….

Happy Digging!

Rashana the Rototiller


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