Rashana took me to the University of Higher Thought again today, took me to the “Fragment Room” where all unfinished projects swirl around in darkness waiting for someone to claim and develop them. She told me one of our most important purposes now was to clean up and finish the projects we had begun.

She said we could send in “The Azurite,” – we could do “The Angel in my Computer” (which she calls a Virtually Perfect Angel) and I could choose my priority. I chose “Zelly and Babe.” So Î went up into Eva’s office (the office of High Counselor/healer) and she and Rashana took me over to the Universal Library to choose a guide for writing that book.

Before I knew it I was in the middle of “The Covenent of Storytellers”– quite a diverse group I must add. One by one they introduced themselves to me:

1- The Ageless One – tall, thin, in ancient tattered clothes with a mass of long white hair and dark, deeply lined skin. In her most primitive aspect she is called “The Womb.”

2- The Siamese Twins – Harmony and Chaos – They were twelve-ish with short light hair, and they were playing paddycake.

3 – The Trips – Alluette, Jacinda, and Louise…They were like one eye, two eye and three eyes. Two eye or Jacinda was the most beautiful. One Eye or Alluette, was the most focued and Three eyes or Louise, had the most vision. They are Fates or Muses.

4 – Alicia – a teenage girl who wanted to be a writer. She’d been killed in the Aircrash that killed all those kids from the college. She has long dirty blond hair and was wearing jeans and a flannel shirt.

5- Stephan – the doctor from a past life in England, who was always a great scholor and might be needed for consultation – though he said that he was always a very good storyteller. But he had never published then because his work in medicine outshone his accomplished storytelling.

6- Nord – One eyed Caveman type (dressed in seal skins) from the upper regions of Antartica. He has white frizzy hair that sticks out and he carries a club. He has been telling stories from the beginning of time. And smiles tootlessly as he offers to help.

7-Jonelle – That aspect of my ancestor Aunt Josie that has already fled the physical and is ready to do other things. She was always the warrior and th storyteller. She likes research.

8- The training angel “Fantabuluous”– she thinks she could add some of the magical to the scenes that need it. She looks like a fairy – with Turquoise hair.

9- The gypsy story teller Gemellia – she was from the past lifetime with Johann, and spent lots of time around the campfires telling stories.

10- The Child and his Sister – They’re lost and need to find a story to get into.


One line or paragraph from each will help you decide:

The Ageless One – It was a confusing time–but a time when big things could be accomplished, big changes made. Changes that could effect the world, or so we thought.

The Twins – Some of the time it was hard to tell whether we loved or hated each other. We were that close.

The Trips – It was the only time in my life that I wanted to die, I felt so miserable. But from a perfectly rational view, death wasn’t called for. Of course, that wasn’t how I saw it at the time.

Alicia – College was the best time of my life.

Stephan – Two never works as well as three, not in science, not in religion, not in mathematics, and certainly not in friendship. That was my theory from the time I met them. Zelly and Babe that is.

Nord – There was a time when Man was all, women were nothing, but that time is almost over.

Jonelle – It’s like waking up from a long deep sleep when you finally understand what your life is all about. And though I’d heard it again and again, I didn’t understand that love was the most important thing to get or give. And who did I love most? Zelly & Babe, of course.

Fantabulous – It was magical, the relationship we had, so much bigger and better than just best friends. There was a silver cord that connected us for all those years…until it somehow fell from my waist and left me spinning, drowning, grasping for another life line.

Gemmellia – It’s a cold night to begin this story, my children, but the fire will warm us. And the story will warm us, if I can get it just right.

The Child and his Sister (in chorus)….I feel like an orphan without a place to go, worse than I felt when my mother and father died. I know I belong somewhere, but it’s no longer the place I thought I belonged. And someone said a word, I don’t understand. “We” What is We?