Rashana and I were waiting for the Unicorn again. Standing on a rainbow cloud trying to decide where to go.

“What’s your name?” I asked the Unicorn as he danced to a full stop in front of us.

“Dimitri,” he said.

I reached up to touch him, to run my fingers down over his nose. He had sparkly amethyst eyes.

Rashana said, “Look at his side.”

I looked and saw a golden scar across his satin white coat. “What’s that from?” I asked Rashana.

He’s training with Aescapulus, the healer. Dimitri is his prodigy.

I frowned, “Wasn’t Aescapulus the wounded healer? Wasn’t he the healer that the god Chiron taught or was it the other way around?”

Rashana whispered, “Dimitri is a direct descendant of Chiron…”

Dimitri nodded his head, “Come come,” he said. “Jump on…”

“But won’t you tell me about it?” I said. “I want to hear…”

Dimitri’s golden hooves seemed to dance and I heard him say, “Everyone has a story…”

Rashana shrugged. “He’s not feeling mythic today…” she said, as though that would explain it.

We jumped on his back, Rashana riding behind me, her arms around me. We rode fast, upward and upward, and as we passed Greggy’s cloud, I could see him standing on a tall mountain top.

“Why is he always either climbing or standing on that mountain top?” I asked Rashana.
Silver sparkles were blowing all around and one got in my eye. Suddenly I could see as though through a prism, all light sticks and shards, crossing each other and bouncing light stalks around in front of me.

I tried to wipe it away, but Rashana said, “Just wait a moment or two. It will dissolve. Silver stardust only lasts a little while….but it does change one’s vision, doesn’t it?”

I agreed but then asked, “What is he doing up there all the time?”

“He’s not there all the time,” she said. “Sometimes he visits a family on earth, but he can’t stay very long because he has work to do…”

“What work?” I asked.

Rashana said softly, “He climbs that mountain to get a better view, expanded vision, you know, to look down on Earth. Sometimes he sees someone in trouble. That’s when he drops down…”

“I don’t get it,” I said.

“He’s a Life Guard,” Rashana said, as though it made sense.

Dimitri swung to the right, to the cherubs nest. I shook my head and Rashana said, “No, no Dimitri, not here. We need to go to the University.”

Dimitri made a fast turn and I almost slid off his back but Rashana caught and steadied me. “Front gate?” he asked, but then added, “Want to pass the fragment room?”

“Don’t be horsy,” Rashana said.

The Fragment room was the place that all unfinished dreams and orphan creative manifestations floated around looking for someone to claim them and complete them. It was one of the few places in the upper realms that made me feel sad.

When Rashana and I slid off Dimitri’s back in front of the Gate of the University of Higher Thought, we found it padlocked with a shiny golden lock.

“Now what?” I asked Rashana.

She was shaking her head. “I’ll use the telecom, and see if Eva can let us in…” Rashana walked over to a small round sun on the left side of the gate and pushed it’s center. I swear I thought I heard it giggle. Then she blew kisses into it and asked “Can we come in for just a moment?”

The lock fell away and Rashana and I jumped the steps to the front door. Eva let us in, smiling. “Creating something again?”

Rashana looked at me, “I imagine so….”

Once we were seated at the Computer of Manifestation again, Rashana turned it on, and waited…

“What?” I said.

“What’s your wish?” she asked. “Just put it into the computer…”

I put my hands on the keyboard. But my fingers hesitated. My mind went blank. “I can’t wish,” I said. “I mean I don’t know what I wish…”

Rashana looked at me unbelieving and said, “Even the most talented fairy godmother can’t make a wish come true if you don’t wish it!” Then she looked frustrated, got down off the bench and began to pace. “Here I am on a Creative Ray, given the opportunity to help make wishes come true, and who do I have with me? A soul who can’t make a wish! I don’t get it! It must be some kind of a cosmic joke….”

“Wait a minute,” I said. “Don’t give up on me, have some patience…I’ll think of something.” I searched for something to want. Finally, I thought I had it. “Peace in the world!” I said. “I’ll wish for peace in the world.”

Rashana made a face at me. She wasn’t pleased. “Can’t you ever mind your own business?” she asked. “I’m offering you a wish, a wish for you….not for everyone else in the world. They have their own plans with which we can’t interfere.”

I thought about it. “I can’t do it,” I said. “I’d like to, but with all the suffering in the world, I can’t think of anything I want just for me.”

“Great,” she said, “And if all the others in the world feel like you do, we have a stalemate. No one wishes, no one creates, nothing gets done.”

Suddenly Eva was standing alongside us. She addressed Rashana when she said, “Would you like to check with supervision?”

Rashana smiled and looked relieved. “I can’t do anything with her this way…” she said.
The door to the Angel Council opened. We walked in. Several of the Archangels were seated in a large luminescent circle and again we stood in the middle until the pink spotlight shone on us. Then Rashana spoke. “Carol can’t remember how to make a wish. She can’t decide what she wants, so she doesn’t want anything. I can’t imagine anything more….Can you help.”

One of the young training angels was placing coasters on the surface of the light table and another training angel walked behind passing out holy water. Then each Archangel was given a pile of powder….

“What’s that?” I asked Rashana.

“Angel dust,” she said.

“Drugs?” I said. “Angels do drugs?”

“Not that kind of angel dust,” she said. “This is the dust of the goodnesses of humans who led their lives fully and made the transition to spirit gracefully. Their dust is added to the All Knowledge to enrich it and provide a universal source for future human beginnings. But first it must be touched by the Angel Counselors.”

“You mean this is what it means?” I said. “The old dust to dust saying?”

Rashana smiled. “I thought you knew…”

All the Archangels seemed to be preoccupied but then a tall thin luminous guide approached us and asked, “May I show you something?”

Backstage several groups of angels were getting dressed in costumes. Halloween costumes. There were skeletons, and white witches, and beautiful black cat angels. There were skeletons whose radiant bones rattled hymns.

I laughed. “Why are angels dressing up?”

Rashana whispered, “It’s all Hallows Eve…”

“But what does that mean?” I asked.

“It means time for the angels to give humans gifts…” she said. “It’s the once in a year that spirit and human realms intersect….spirits can come down to earth…”

“I thought that was only bad spirits,” I said.

Rashana looked puzzled. “Bad spirits?” she said, “No such combination exists. If you are spirit, you are good. Of course there are those out of body entities who can also mix. They can be confused, some are also not so much of the Light….but for that there are protections.”

“What kind of protections?” I asked.

The luminous guide walked back into the council room with us. Most of the Archangels were standing now, fluidly floating around the room but there was some kind of activity going on that I didn’t understand.

“What’s happening?” I asked Rashana.

“The formation of the Cosmic Guardian Angels is getting ready,” she explained. “Halloween is a special time….”

“Oh,” I said, “I get it. The Guardian Angels come to earth on Halloween to protect us from evil spirits.” Rashana gave me a hard look. “I’m sorry,” I said. “From evil entities….”

“Let’s just say from tricksters,” Rashana said. “But the Guardian Angels also give gifts or as humans say ‘treats.”

As we went back to stand in the center, one of the largest angels came over and whispered in Rashana’s ear. And suddenly Rashana beamed.

“Thank you,” she said. “Thank you…”

Then she grabbed my hand and flew me out of the council room, down the hallway and steps of the University and out the gate where Dimitri was waiting, tapping his hoof.

“Take us to the Yard Sale,” Rashana asked.

Dimitri snorted and it was the sound of a flute when we jumped upon his back again.
“Why are we going to the Yard Sale?” I asked. “Where are we going in the Yard Sale?”

Rashana looked happy. “To the Adoption Center,” she said.

“We already adopted a baby,” I said.

She looked at me and placed her hand on my shoulder gently. “This is for you,” she explained. “We’re going to redo your childhood. This time you pick the parents, the lifetime, the childhood that you want. It’s a gift for Halloween…”

“Is it a trick or a treat?” I asked her, but I felt myself smiling.

“After this, I know you’ll know what you want,” she said. “Then we can wish it! And make our wish come true.”

As we passed Greggy’s mountain top, on the way to the Yard Sale, he waved. I smiled back.

“Happy Halloween,” I said to him.

“I’ll keep an eye on you,” he said with the voice of an angel.

Rashana tickled me. “Wait till you see all the choices you have….”